Beer is one oldest products the world.

It's origins date back to 8.000 B.C. in Palestine, which is arond 10.000 years ago.
It was obtained by macerating barley bread in water.

The Sumerians had made about ten different types of beer but the Babylonians increased the range by producing, to our knowledge, at least 34 different types. Later, in Egypt, beer became a state monopoly and State breweries existed. This 'barley wine' was used as offerings to the Gods. The pharaoh Ramses II, named 'The beer Pharaoh', passed rigid regulations regarding the drink.

Beer arrived in Europe between 5000 and 4800 B.C. Through two routes: the Danube (eastern Europe) and the Mediterranean (southern France). Surprisingly, beer was produced and consumed early on in Greece and Rome, before being partially peplaced by wine.
In fact, eben if the Romans prefered wine, this did not prevent them from drinking beer, mainly in the north where it was easier to grow barley than vines. The remanis of a brewery from the III and IV centuries have even been found in a Gaul-Roman villa. The women in the families of our ancestors, the Gauls, made beer in the family. Instead of terracotta containers,they began to use wooden barrels for the first time in history. They called the malt 'brace' which is the origin of the word 'brewer' from 'brassin' or 'brasseur'.

After the fall of the Roman empire the church took control of the land and the monks began to deal with the production of beer it seems that breweries exsisted in all the abbeys.The blending of the beers took place also in taverns, castles and private houses.