Calories in beer

A glass of beer contains less calories than a glass of fruit juice!
Some simple comparisons help to overcome prejudices wrong food. Beer is a beverage-food, characterized by a reasonable dose of ethanol and other nutrients derived from barley and other grain, yeast and hops, as well as the minerals contained in the water used. It 'a natural drink that is inserted into a conscious way of eating, but without prejudice even without emphasizing its nutritional properties.

Beer 35
Red table wine 84
Freshly squeezed orange 33
Freshly squeezed grapefruit 30
Apricot juice 47
Pineapple juice 56
Orange juice and grapefruit 43
Orange juice 36
Lemon juice 21
Mandarin juice 50
Apple juice 38
Pomegranate juice 44
Pear juice 60
Grapefruit juice 46
Grape juice 46
Tropical juice 47

The knowledge of the calorific value of the various beverages suggests that the traditional statement "beer belly" given to obese people, because of the weight of the beer. I'm eating habits and incorrect lifestyle, typical of high consumers of this drink, to be responsible for their own line is not enviable! And 'the high consumption of fatty foods and high in calories, however, typical of continental areas where the beer is very widespread, the real culprit of obesity and the accumulation of abdominal fat.
The correct daily dose of beer can find it's place in healthy eating aware of who wants to combine wellness and health.

Maltodextrin beer and sports

Beer can find its rightful place in the diet of the amateur sports, but also in those who practice athletic for his attractive dose of maltodextrin, always seeking moderate dose daily drink!
The maltodextrin, derived from germinating barley or other cereal used, are complex carbohydrates compounds from some tens of glucose units, are soluble in water, easily digestible and can be assumed during the motor activity.
Offer the great advantage of freeing the glucose gradually, thus ensuring a supply of energy prolonged in time. Do not cause a sharp rise in blood sugar, giving the beer the value of food with low glycemic index.